Ways to Avoid Looking Like a Job Hopper on Your CV

job hopping

A prospective employer will only take a few seconds to read your CV and if it looks like you have had a new job every 1-2 years it sends out major warning signals.

As it always takes time to find the right employee for a position an employer who looks at your CV and thinks you are a job hopper will look at other candidates with a steadier track record. Short time spans of work often show poor performance and a lack of commitment.

These are some helpful Guidelines to prevent you from looking like a job hopper.

Company influences

Always state on your resume why you moved whether it is because of retrenchments, a higher or better career opportunity, or because of re-structuring within a business. All you need to do is add a one liner below each position giving a short explanation and reasons why you moved.

Companies are often bought or merge with someone else and the company name will then change. To avoid looking like you have moved to a new company list the new name of the company and have the old name in brackets next to it.

Short-term positions or Consulting

As the job market is slowly decreasing a lot of candidates have gone into consulting or contract positions.

A good way to make all these position look better is to sum up all the years that you have done consulting for and then put each company you have consulted for underneath with your overall general responsibilities that took place with each company.

If one of your positions was only a short-term contract, then make sure that you state next to the position that it was contractual short-term to to make it clear.

Formatting of dates

Another way is instead of putting the exact dates of each position in your CV with the months and days put the years alone. This makes the time at each position look longer then it is.

Always give examples of achievements

You cannot change the amount of time you have worked at a company or in a position but you can change where your potential employers focus goes by stating or evidencing achievements that you have accomplished in each company.

Employers love to see how effective you can be and what your potential could be in their company and new positions.


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