Five tips to make your CV visually appealing


If your resume is not visually appealing, chances are people will not want to read your CV or take note of it. You must always ensure that your CV is easy to read with a compelling message. Using fancy graphs or graphics is not advisable as it might not be able to be read by software that companies use to rank CV’s.

Here are five tips to help make your CV visually appealing.

Utilize color and shading – Resumes today are submitted electronically, which means it’ll likely be read from the computer screen or a device. Using color and shading for key parts of the resume can help highlight areas of importance. Consistency in color and shading will help the reader follow the information presented.

Add testimonials – Testimonials may come from your boss, co-workers, or clients and can help bring home key messages concerning your talent and capabilities. They also give a nice break in the resume from the typical short paragraphs and bullets points.

Consistently use bold type face for companies and accomplishments – Using bold type face helps break up information on your resume to make it easily digestible, but it has to be used in a consistent fashion. When listing your Work Experience, use bold type face for each employer and apply it to key points of accomplishments.

Use digits for number, including when under 10 – A resume is made up heavily of text, so when there are numbers included, it jumps out at the reader.

Include a section on Career Achievements – Every resume should have “Wow” statements. It’s nothing to go overboard with – just four short sentences or less to bring home points of success and accomplishment in your career that will directly relate to the prospective employer and job.

An effective resume not only brings home the right message, but makes it easy for the reader to see those points.


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