How to take time away from your business


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Consider the value of taking time off. Recognize taking a break is necessary for your health and well-being. When you don’t take enough breaks, productivity, decision-making and leadership abilities suffer–and people can tell.

Harvard Business Review study found, taking time off can even improve communication and efficiency. An experiment was conducted on the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in which consultants were required to take days off. While participants resisted the mandatory break at first, they soon realized its benefits. A consultant even reported coming back refreshed in spite of a busy week. The company also found additional benefits to taking mandatory breaks, including improved communication, learning, and results.

Put things into perspective:  Set aside your guilt and control issues for a moment and objectively consider the state of your company. Look at the numbers. How are your sales? Are you meeting your goals? Also take a look at your own performance. How many times did you take off in the past year? What results have you achieved as CEO? If you’re on track with everything and you’re due for a break, there isn’t any reason to feel guilty about it.

Talk to your team: Discuss plans with your employees and let them weigh in. Ask if they need your approval with anything before you leave and make sure they have your contact information.

Have a contingency plan: Appease your inner control freak by setting up a contingency plan while you’re away. Delegate tasks and make sure everyone in the company knows who to turn to while you’re gone. Do the same thing with clients, vendors, and other external parties. Let them know that you’ll be taking some time off and tell them who to contact for any urgent issues.

The bottom line: Ultimately, the choice will rest on you. Whatever you decide, make sure you’re doing it because it’s what you need and not because your inner control freak made the decision for you.



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