How to declutter your life and home for good and move on


It is that time of year to start thinking of the new year and resolutions for 2015. You be looking back at the past year wondering if you kept any of the resolutions you made. What if one of your resolutions was to get rid of all the clutter in your home and life but have not succeeded completely.

Having clutter in your life and home is similar to a bad relationship. The day will come when you hit a wall and realize that you have had enough and it’s time to stand up for yourself and move finally clear your life of the clutter. This might seem a lot easier when you enjoy seeing all your familiar stuff when you walk from room to room.

Many research studies have revealed that clutter is one of the main causes of elevated stress and can trigger depression. Living in clutter can have a huge impact on your health and cause physical, emotional and mental harm .

Clutter is a major problem and only grows worse over time. You might be asking yourself how you can break the habit. Perhaps getting rid of the clutter in your life is  a good resolution to take on for 2015.

Here are few tips and helpful hints to de-clutter and bring order in your life and home.

Seek an outside perspective – Get help from someone who has never been to your house, a friend who has not been around to visit in a while, or perhaps a highly opined relative.

Get rid of your clutter for a cause – Take an honest look at all the old clothes and shoes you she hoarded, and think about all the needy people you can help with a donation.

Be brave and let go – Still have the t-shirt your first boyfriend or girlfriend gave? What about the old cast from when you broke a bone all those years ago? Be brave and trash it.

No compromise or maybe’s– It is best to make three piles of stuff: one for trash, one for donations, and one to keep. The third pile should be the smallest.

Get rid of the household hazards – All those moldy and dusty piles of things you no longer touch will lower your air quality and can be the cause of illness and allergies.

Get rid of stuff and reclaim your space – Get rid of all those things that are just taking up space and create a whole new use for the area it is taking up.

We often hear that famous saying that opposites attract, but this not the case when it comes to clutter. Clutter only grows and over time you become more comfortable with it. You might even become desensitized and not even notice all the clutter in your house and environment.

It is never  quick and painless exercise  to get rid your clutter. There is never a good time to say enough is enough. Like a band-aid, just rip it off. When you finally have to courage and get rid of all your clutter you with feel a huge sense of relief and be very thankful your did.


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