Office Party Advice

happy peopleWhat a stressful year. ISIS. Ebola. Congressional gridlock and an economy that’s growing anemically while wages stagnate. You’d think that at the office holiday party you could grab a glass of bubbly, let your hair down and speak your mind.

Don’t do it.
The office fête is not the place for: unconstrained chatter, personal confession, expressions of frustration, or speechifying

Instead, remember that you are at a professional function and behave that way. That means:  listening as much as talking, and keeping your conversation on safe subjects

The dangers of excessive alcohol consumption are well known, but cautionary tales are worth retelling. There are plenty of these.

The office party offers a unique opportunity to bond with superiors and colleagues. But don’t blow it. “If you can’t keep a lid on it, don’t go to it,”!



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