Basic email marketing mistakes any company should avoid

Email Marketing

It is every marketers dream to be able to reach countless customers locally and even internationally in an easy and simple way that suits both the marketers and customers. This is the power of email marketing.

Any business, no matter how big or small, can build a email database of customers and/or prospects and get a little attention in their inbox. Even if you are a small business you can compete against the like of Google and Amazon giants. However you need to be aware of the many crucial mistakes many marketers make. Here are few mistakes to avoid.

Get permission before you send email – An easy way to kill your list before you even get going, and that is sending email to people without permission. Most countries have laws and regulations against SPAM, and in many instances you could find yourself in  a whole lot of trouble if you send email without the express permission the recipient. Here is what you should never do:

  • Try collecting business cards at an event
  • Use your contacts email addresses
  • Adding customers email addresses without permission

Always provide the correct subscribe opportunities on your website – Make sure you provide clear and ample opportunity for visitors to your website to subscribe. some of the best ways to get customers to subscribe to your newsletter include:

  • In the sidebar
  • Below a blog post or after your content
  • On top of your page in the header area
  • On a floating bar
  • On a slide-out box that appears from the bottom corner
  • On exit-intent popups that only appear when the visitor is about to leave

Segment your email database effectively – In the majority of cases you will find marketers sending email broadcasts to their entire lists of email addresses. It might seem that here is nothing wrong with this, however this is orally wrong. Segmenting your email database will bring about far better results, less unsubscribe requests, more customer engagement, and more sales. To segment your email lists, try doing the following:

  • Segment your email database by product interests
  • Segment your email database by location
  • Segment your email database by buying behavior

Always remember to engage with your email database list – Always be consistent in the way you send out mass emails broadcasts. If you struggle to find time to create a newsletter, try taking a few minutes every day to create you newsletter instead of leaving to the last minute and having to take a half a day off.

It is preferable to male data driven decisions – The only way to develop and run a successful email marketing campaign and strategy is to make data-driven decisions. Don’t rely on what other companies do. What works for other businesses might not work for you. Make decisions based on hope, wishful thinking or even expert opinions, rather make decisions based on the data you gather. To make good data driven decisions you should track the following:

  • Conversion rate of visitors to subscribers
  • Open rates and click-through rate on different emails

Always build your own email database list – Never buy or rent an email list. In some instances It is understandable why small businesses would want to buy a list of say 10,000 names with very little effort. Buying a database in most cases with always backfire and most of the time the email recipient will think you are a spammer. Also, keep in mind that if you are buying a list there is a very good chance that the list has been sold to loads of other small businesses.

If you are making any these basics mass email marketing strategy mistakes, think about making the appropriate change to grow your customer base and increase your net profits.


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