How to transform your customer service experience and culture

Customer Service Excellence

As a business owner or manager would like to see increased productivity, have more customers walking through your doors, and more net profit? Do you want to create a work environment and excellent customer service and experience that is far more that just good customer service?

As a leader or manager, here are a few tips to transform your customer experience and corporate culture that will support and sustains your customer service programs.

Stand for the right thing – Have you trained your employees to understand and know what exactly your company stands for. Make sure that your company’s organizing principles are meaningful, short and memorable.

Make sure to hire the right way – Once you are sure about what your company stand for, you need to hire employees that are congruent with you customer-centric values.

Pay your employees the right way – Understand that your company’s brand and reputation is based upon the interaction and experience your customers have with your employees. Remember it is your employees on ground level who interact with your customers on a daily basis.

Take the right approach when it comes to your company’s personal policies – Forget about reprimanding your employees or docking their salaries for being late to return to the office after a lunch break. Don’t evaluate your employees based on average handle time on phone calls.

Remind right – Remember it is the duty and role of the leader’s to make sure that employees are constantly reminded of the core principles which form the foundation of your customer service excellence culture.

Train and coach the right way – If your employees feel that their jobs are only for the paycheck at the end of the month, then the company leaders have failed in their duty. Employees need continuous coaching and encouragement. Don’t wait and leave it to the annual performance review.

Discipline employees in a productive and meaningful way – Note that customer service excellence is defined by the consistency of your customer serve training. Never allow employees to perform below your customers expectations. This will only lead to a situation where your company is seen and has a reputation of poor service.

Create the right policies and standards – Develop and create policies that are achievable and make sense. Understand what is reasonably expected from your customers and set these down in your standards policies.

Empower your employees to service your customers – In the event that your standard policies do not cover all the unexpected situation, you need to empower your employees to service your customers without equivocation, on the spot, and not have to run and find the nearest manager for assistance.


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