Most important skills employers are looking for when hiring

CareerWhen deciding to hire graduates, employers are most often looking for those individuals who are able to work in a team, confident in their decision making, and have the ability to solve problems. Graduates also need to be able to communicate with fellow team members as well as customers. It is important for graduates to possess technical skills that are related to their jobs descriptions.

Here are some of the most important skills that employers are seeking when hiring:

1. Ability to work i with others within a team structure.
2. Ability and confidence to make decisions and solve problems.
3. Be able to communicate with individuals both inside and outside the company.
4. Have the capability to plan, organize and prioritize work.
5. Be able to obtain and process information.
6. Have skills to analyze quantitative data.
7. Technical understanding and knowledge related to the job description.
8. Be proficient in software programs related to their jobs.
9. Be able to create and edit written reports.
10. Be able to influence others.

No matter what you study or major in at college, it is imperative that graduates possess the skills listed above. These skills must be conveyed in your cover letter, resume and job interview.  Today, employers are looking for those individuals who possess universal skills across different academic disciplines and in positions or job role when working with other team members. In order to land that dream job, graduates need to be able to communicate in a clear and precise way that they have these skills.


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