Things University Students Waste Money On

Money Management
Thrifty students can save thousands during their university years. Here are some suggestions to help.

Expensive text books: Textbooks cost a fortune and are sold back for next to nothing. Students are saving money by renting textbooks instead.

Tuition: Advanced Placement classes and community college classes are very inexpensive options to rack up units.

A Car: Students who bike or use public transportation save on four years of parking, insurance, and related costs of owning a car.  Choose a school with great public transportation or one that is bike friendly.

Housing: Pack in the roommates. Having more housemates to share expenses is one of best ways to save on living costs.

School Supplies: Free pencils and notebooks can be found at “welcome back” type events at the campus bookstores.  Twenty minutes of your time at the event for free supplies — not a bad trade off.

Food: Join on campus organizations that have lunch meetings and you can eat free every week.  Volunteer to help with alumni events and eat free at the functions.  A little planning can help subsidize your food bill.

Socializing: Going Greek?  Students seriously don’t have to go to EVERY formal and social event — just the free ones.

Credit Cards: Skip the credit card and pay cash so you don’t end up with the average student’s balance of 10’s of thousands in credit card debt at graduation.

Paying full price: Students have it made with hundreds of discounts available with their student IDs. Take advantage of the student discount since it will be many years until you get the senior discount.

Be careful with your money and how you spend early on. It will truly set you up for success in your future!


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