The Most Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Business Mistakes

We all make mistakes especially when it comes to entrepreneurs including but not limited to technology mistakes, marketing mistakes, advertising mistakes, financial mistakes, human resource mistake, and more. Some mistakes will slow the business down, while some can be so disastrous and bring the business to a complete halt.

Here are a few insightful tips and advise from other successful entrepreneurs.

  • Hide from problems
  • Be all things to all potential customers
  • Try to do too much at the start
  • Ignore the answers you get to the questions you ask
  • Slavishly copy a successful start-up
  • Think that great products are enough to succeed
  • Skip the proof of concept
  • Rush to economies of scale
  • Stay fixed on your vision
  • Run out of cash
  • Work out the details with co-founders later
  • Hiring the easy gets
  • Be satisfied with basic financial data

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