Tricks to Look More Attractive in Photos

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Odds are – you’ve taken a few rough photos you wish you could take back, we all have. Fortunately, I am here to help. Use these easy photography modeling tips to transform your photos from bad to fab.

Add a Pop of Color:  Feeling drab? Add some color to make that photo pop!

Ditch the Drab Background: While you should be the star of your photo, make sure the background isn’t working against you. Choose a background that is bold.

Play With Props: Solution, give those, what surely feel like foreign objects at the end of your arms, a purpose.

Know Your Angle: Sometimes a slight tilt or a simple angle to a face makes a big difference. Even though you’re super attractive, you likely have a ‘good side,’ the angle at which your face looks best on film.

Elongate Your Neck: Push your face forward ever so slightly and gently press your shoulders back and down. You should feel a little bit of a stretch in the process.

The Skinny Arm:  Whether you’re holding a puppy in a sweater, a beer, or nothing at all, you can achieve the appearance of slim upper arms by simply holding your arms slightly away from your body.

Angle Your Body: Stand up straight and position your body at a 45 degree angle, place one foot in front of the other and place the majority of your weight on the back leg.

Cross Your Ankles: If you are unable to avoid being shot head on, try crossing your ankles, starting at the calf. This stance will give the appearance of narrower hips and longer legs.

Most awkward photos are due to subjects that seem unnatural and posed: The fix: letting out a little laugh as soon as someone is about to snap the picture.Laughter, even if fake, will result in a natural, happy smile and lit up eyes … and everyone looks better when they’re happy!

Yes, you will feel, and likely look ridiculous, but only for the time being. Usually, you are taking photos not for now, but for the times you reflect on them later. You won’t remember how silly you felt, you’ll only notice how good you look.


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