How to stand out in the crowd

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How to stand out in the crowd

At big corporate functions people often will all be dressed in the same colours – neutral colours such as beige, grey etc. If you want to stand out from the crowd wear something bright but not too eccentric. Be that person in bright blue instead of navy blue.

Communication with others is also a vital part of standing out. People will always be attracted to those who speak with their body language and give off a look that they are having fun as well entertaining for everyone around them. You will always be drawn to these people who will have a crowd around them instead of those standing two feet apart from each other with their eyes wondering everywhere else in the room.

People each have their own Persona’s which you are born with and this is otherwise known as your Unique Brand Style.

Here are some steps as to how you can be one of those people that stand out from the crowd:

Get your own style that describes who you are and what you are about. You can decide if you’re the person who loves wearing bright colours that attract attention or you love the casual be easy look. Whatever look you want to go for own it and make it your own.

Embrace a positive attitude and let go of all negativity in your life. Your positive attitude creates a positive energy that attracts people to you so be humorous and show that you are interested in others and what they have to say.

Another way to stand out is to support a cause whether you become a mentor or just support others in your community or business and try to be that person people can count on. Become a volunteer or do something else that gives back to the community and supports social responsibility.

Be a leader, speak up about things step out from the crowd and do something different. Join a project or group that makes a difference in the world you live in. Commit to all of these and you will soon see that you are no longer just a part of the crowd.




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