Ways that yoga can make work life improve


An hour a day of yoga is what many fortune 500 companies insist on their employees do. Not only this, but they offer it at work. So know that it is proved that staying quiet for an hour while practicing yoga is definitely beneficial to your career. It turns out there are some major career benefits that happen as a result of practicing yoga.

Here are some of the major benefits of yoga at work:

1. It helps improve your relationships with co-workers.
Yoga helps clear your mind, which allows you to be more understanding of your co-workers’ intentions. And then you are better able to choose your actions to align with
those intentions.

2. You can accept change better.
A big part of yoga is changing the position of your body. These transitions can be very challenging at first and require a lot of deep breathing, but eventually you
will stick it. This will help when there is shifting at work or new procedures being rolled out. You will be able to find that inner stability faster because of yoga.

3. It makes you more ambitious.
When you first started yoga and your teacher suggested doing an inversion, you went running for the door. But after a couple of months, you could do them or at least
you wanted to try to do them. You quickly realized you were capable of more than you ever thought you were. This will overflow into your career as well. The possibilities are endless!

4. You will learn to block out distractions.
Yoga is great because it is all about learning to center yourself and block out all those distractions during your practice. Then you take that power of meditation
into everyday life. Meditation increases your ability to work through interruptions.

5. It reduces stress.
Yoga helps you become less of a stress mess in a few ways. It really helps you focus on the value of your work, rather than obsessing about the outcome. This will carry over into work and help you realize you can’t always control the outcome, so why stress? The other benefit is more physiological. Because yoga ends with a meditation period, you enter a state of relaxation that can literally keep you that way through the rest of the day, meaning nothing will stress you!

6. It improves memory.
Doing yoga will give you a sharper memory which is super helpful for work and life in general. The practice of meditation correlates with memory improvement. Better
memory leads to decreased distraction which will therefore help with productivity.

So if your employer does not offer yoga, ensure you find a studio near you and make it a life habit.



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