Important points of owning your career success

Job Satisfaction

You must know that the only person in charge of your career success is YOU!

Here are a few tips that can help you in this regard:

1. Make a list of everything you are awesome at.

What are you known for?
What are your best skills?
What accomplishments are you most proud of?
What are your best qualities?

Know your brand. Consciously create your OWN brand.

2. Stop being reactive.

Waiting does not get results. Taking action does. Set up a meeting with your boss to discuss advancement opportunities Reach out to employees at your target companies and set up informational interviews. Follow up with the hiring staff after you have submitted your resume.

3. Make new career friends.

Focus your efforts on meeting new people within your industry and target companies. Start Conversations and build relationships with them.

4. Stop limiting yourself to the familiar.

Part of your new, proactive approach is to step out of your comfort zone. Remember, nothing will Change if you do not!

So be proactive, be confident and really know what you want.


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