Rules to be a Millionaire by 40

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It is important to believe in oneself. Educate yourself and build something from nothing. It can be done! Here are some tips to create an abundant and financially secure future before you turn 40.

1. Invest regularly

When you have unexpected cash, do not spend it. Invest it Learn about shares and how to choose the right company to buy from.

2. Live Below Your Means

You cannot build wealth if you spend more than you save.

3. Continually Invest Small Amounts of Money

When you live below your means, you have more and more money to invest.

4. Contribute to Retirement Accounts

If your employer offers a retirement plan, participate in it.

5. Pay Attention to Your Investments

You need to spend the time to educate yourself and review your portfolio on a regular basis. With the plethora of free online resources available to you today, educating yourself is easier and cheaper than ever.



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