How to get unmotivated staff Motivated

Happy work place
At work, one always has the high achievers and the poor performers. Would it not be wonderful if everyone had an internal drive to be naturally motivated? This is not the case though. We assume individuals have the skill set needed for their job. A leader’s role is to get team members to do what they want with high energy and enthusiasm.

Here are four things to help in this regard:

1. Get to know your employees as individuals, when managing others knowledge is power

2. Be fully conscious of personal and team dynamics

3. Find assignments that appeal to each person, when one works on things that excite  you,  one is naturally motivated.

4. State clearly your own expectations – Rule #1 in business: You do not get something for nothing.  In return for your own thoughtful attention to your employees’ well- Being and success, there are definite expectations you will have.  Directly confront the hard stuff – be clear about what is acceptable and what is not.

There are definitely steps you can take to motivate your team. Better odds are often, better odds are often what management is about.



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