Why Your Experience & Education Won’t Get You Hired

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Almost everyone who gets an in-person interview is qualified ‘enough’. The rest is up to you. Are you the person they want to work with every day? Being average and simply getting your job done correctly is not enough in the corporate work environment.

A huge part of the job interview process is determining if you are a good fit for the company. This is based solely on your attitude, personality, work style, and work ethic. A company who wants to rise up to the next level needs employees who are present, excited, and passionate about their work.

No matter what education and past work experience you have, at best, you can only give approximately 77% of your true potential if you are not excited to be there doing your job. In the end, when a hiring decision needs to be made, most employers will choose an honest individual who shows presence, enthusiasm, and passion for the company and the job over hard skills and qualifications.

A go-getter – an individual, who consistently goes above and beyond, has a positive attitude, communicates well, and is flexible and inspiring. The employer wants to know that the individual hired truly will care about the job and the company and consistently and enthusiastically show it in how they operate at work.

Be open to this message. No matter how much education and relevant work experience you have, you really aren’t the best person or a shoo-in for any job unless you really want to do it and it authentically shows in your interviews. Employers want to see that you are going to excitedly give 150% to this job and company and you won’t spend your days complaining about it.

The truth is, if you are applying to jobs just so you can get paid, you likely won’t show up as the person they wish to hire. If you aren’t excited about the work you are applying to do, it’s time to re-evaluate the choices you are making in your life. When you are in the right interview for the right job it will show with a little effort on your part and you won’t have to try to ‘remember’ to bring those qualities with you.



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