‘We’re Not Hiring You’ – How to have this tough conversation

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In our daily work lives we all have lots to do, sometimes closing out meetings, particularly of this nature does not happen. We sweep them under the carpet.

When you are interviewing candidates for a position in your team, it is fun, as it is certainly about knowledge sharing, even if you do not hire that individual. When you are interviewing back to back and you like each of the candidates, it is hard to now go back to them and regret them. To many companies do this really badly.

Making this worse is that the hiring manager sets up expectations in the interview of success. Be very careful in this regard. You should not even reference to their success for the position unless there is a commitment behind this statement. DO not give them false hope, the job market is tough enough as it is.

  1. Take time to mull over the applicants instead. You also have to ensure your candidate of choose accepts your offer, then it is time to do the regrets. Be careful in regretting your 2nd choice candidate before your firsts choice signs and accepts your offer, as then your process will start again.
  2. Give candidates a committed date that they can expect feedback from you whether they are successful or not. This is called integrity and stick to this commitment.
  3. You have to remember: Each person gave you their time, each researched your company, and prepared to meet you. Your candidates require a careful touch and human empathy in the ‘let down’ process.
  4. If you decline to interview a person after receiving a resume or job application, you can send that message via email. It’s horribly ill-bred and impolite to simply go silent.
  5. You posted an ad. People responded to it. They deserve to have an answer from you, not a wimpy auto-response . Send then a template like suggested below. It enables future conversations and builds your brand.

Everyone who applied for your advertised job ad deserves a kind, human response like this:

“Dear [mailmerge],

Thanks very much for the resume you sent us. We appreciate the time you invested in responding to our job ad. This job is not a good fit, but we’d love to stay in touch with you. If you’re interested in staying connected to_____, I invite you to join our Facebook community at (xxx) . We wish you every success in your career and all of your adventures.

Best Regards”

We can be human at work. It’s better for all of us if we keep our human qualities top of mind at work. We can’t hide behind the impersonal work place. We all make the choice to bring ourselves to work or not, every day. We can humanize our recruiting processes and grow our own flames in the process.


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