Does this company care for their employees?

Happy work place

When you arrive at a new company there are things you can look out for. People are either making eye contact or saying “Hello!” to one another or racing by without acknowledging that there is another person around them.

Here are some pointers about what a great place to work look like!

  • A Human Workplace is a workplace where the energy is fast moving and positive.
  • A Human Workplace has very few yardsticks imposed from on high.
  • In a Human Workplace there are ten or twenty ways for good ideas to bubble up, down and sideways
  • There is no Chief Human Workplace Officer to enforce the culture, because there is nothing to enforce. Trust is the antidote, and that means everybody has to soften.
  • The goal in a Human Workplace is to fulfill the organization’s mission, not to create bureaucracy and preserve it against all reason.
  • In a Human Workplace Your manager is a coach. There is a minimum of red tape, and there is as much conversation about good (= human) process as about any other business topic.
  • Human Workplace leaders sound like fallible human beings. Human Workplaces are places where people act like human beings.
  • Human Workplaces are more fun, more productive, more profitable, more sustainable and healthier than other organizations. They get to their goals faster and have more fun doing it. They delight their customers and put their investors in a swoon. Let the fear go and trust the brilliant people you hire.

You can have a Human Workplace. It is not difficult and it does not cost anything. You only have to let go of the idea that managers know more than employees do. You have to let go of the idea that rules make a place more efficient. You have to trust yourself enough to trust the people you hire.


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