Is your LinkedIn Summary as good as it should be?

2014.08.01 linkedin-tips

First impressions are critical in today’s world. The second after you meet someone, know they are going to google you! This makes your virtual brand critical. It means you must be able to tell your story online creating a complete picture of who you are.

Your professional summary is the place to tell your story. Read your summary as though it was the first time you were seeing it. Read slowly; don’t skim. Then rate yourself, track your rating, so you can add up at the end and see for yourself!

  1. Is your top line catchy?
  2. Is your profile accurate, real and precise?
  3. Do you stand out?
  4. Is it relevant?
  5. Is it compelling?
  6. Does it tell people how you add value?
  7. Does it share your personal brand attributes?
  8. Is it well written?

Now, total your score. You should be getting over 80% for your answers, if not, you have some work to do!

Now identify a few people who will provide you with honest comments:

  • a colleague
  • a mentor
  • a personal friend or family member

This is a great way to keep everyone current on the brand called you.



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