40 signs of ineffective communication in the business world

Businessman with Ear Protectors Hold Help Sign between Screaming Businesswoman

We spend more than 80% of our time at work, and we are aware that communication is always a challenge, but is this a microcosm of the rest of our lives?

Do any of the following describe you?

  1. Whining and snippy comments
  2. Avoidance and the silent treatment
  3. Revenge and Disrespect
  4. Acting up
  5. Resentment
  6. Moaning and sulking
  7. Blaming and fear
  8. Mocking someone
  9. Hate
  10. Yelling
  11. Emotional pain
  12. Mood swings
  13. Hostility
  14. False sincerely
  15. Making someone wrong
  16. Political games
  17. Jealousy
  18. Overwhelming someone
  19. Anxiety and sarcasm
  20. Despair
  21. Harassment
  22. Disagreeing without thinking
  23. Giving sympathy
  24. Demanding sympathy
  25. Antagonism
  26. Terror
  27. Being critical
  28. Belligerence
  29. Exasperation
  30. Acting stupid
  31. Regret and pity
  32. Gossiping
  33. Feeling useless
  34. Apathy
  35. Lying
  36. Being stressed out
  37. Crying
  38. Confusion
  39. Sighing
  40. Cutting off open communication

Keep working to establish and maintain trusting, honest and open communication in all aspects of your lives.



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