Family Traditions and Legacies to Pass On

Potential of a child

We all want to leave a legacy of some sort when we pass on. Have you ever thought about the Traditions your children will do through their lives with their own families? This all starts now in your own home, when they are little.

  • Lunch Box Surprises
  • A Thank You Board
  • Family Dinners
  • Dress Up The Dinner Table
  • Joining Hands For Saying Grace or a Moment of Silence
  • Reading Poetry at the Table
  • Family Read-Aloud Time
  • Memorizing Verse
  • Take an After Dinner Walk
  • Bedtime Whispers
  • A Bad Dreams Chaser
  • Reading and Playing in Bed
  • A Place for Silence in your Home
  • A Garden Sanctuary
  • Family Work Days
  • Family Time
  • Children Cook
  • Family Meetings
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Annual Letters
  • Choose a Name for Your House
  • Decorate your Home for Every Season
  • Handmade Gifts
  • Lessons in Charity and Service
  • A Family Scrapbook

Living a life enriched by little touches of kindness and celebration is no easy feat in this world. Family life can be enhanced by all sorts of small thoughtful acts and activities enjoyed together. Don’t try to overdo it or you’ll just add to the burdens of your day. Try to select a few that suit your personal style and schedule.


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