4 Better Goals For Your Job Search

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Job searching and looking for a new job position is not fun. So set small and realistic goals in this regard. It will keep you positive and upbeat. Lets us share with you steps that will help you land that dream job!

Write a wish list of 40 companies
You must make yourself stand out, be strategic. Pick out a set of companies and craft your cover letter and profile around each company that you apply at. Show them what value you actually bring to them.

Keep Networking
This is critical. So when you have that list of companies research who is who there. Learn about the business. Focus on these individuals. This will maximize your chances of finding that great role that you are looking for.

Enlist Your Army
You must reach out to your existing network. People that you like and that like you. Check in regularly with this circle of people.

Stay Busy
You must stay proactive in this search. Do not be idle and negative. Meet you people, volunteer, get involved in community events, this all opens the right opportunities and helps you look like an ambitious new professional or an industry thought leader.

Your Goal
In every book shop or on line, there are books on listed companies and lists of industry businesses. Make sure you acquire these, LinkedIn is a wonderful tool to use in this regard too. Look at the Jobs, follow the companies you want to apply at. Connect with the stakeholders on LinkedIn.

You have to define what your weekly goal is. How many companies on your list will you meet with, how many will you talk too, how many will you research. You have to treat this like any other project you have taken on.

Create a great cover letter and resume. Be specific about the value you bring.

Offer you expertise to a non-profit organization. This is a great network.

The job search is essentially about staying active, being focused and keep moving forward. Your efforts will be worth it!


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