Time management tips to balance your life


Managing ones time is critical in creating a balanced life style. Are you looking to improve your productivity and create a balance between work and your personal life? Here are some time management tips to balance your life. Choose one of these tips that appeal to you NOW. Then come back later to review these and commit to the next one.

  • Start work within five minutes of sitting down at your desk and switching on your computer.
  • Value your time and other people will do the same.
  • When things get really pressurized and you’re tight for time, ignore email completely.
  • We’re all equal when it comes to time.
  • Get into the habit of switching off email whenever you can.
  • Use your time for the things that are worth it.
  • Do not procrastinate.
  • End your working day at a fixed time.
  • Sleep!
  • Schedule your Social Sharing
  • Do a time audit for one week and look at exactly where your time is going.
  • Limit the things that drain your time and energy. Then, with the time you do have you’ll get more done in a focused, energized way.
  • We all need down time.
  • We regularly underestimate how long something will take us. Factor this in!

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