How to Start and Grow your Business

Business Startup
Being an entrepreneur takes guts. Starting your own business is huge. After you have taken this jump, the learning curve to create a successful business is a scary but exhilarating journey. Remember, everyone’s experience is unique and takes a lot of hard work.

Here are some suggestions that could help you.

Be Confident Be Assertive – Instil confidence in your clients, even if you not quite there yet. Sometimes you need to fake it in order to really make it. Think big when growing your business.

Doubts – Doubts will always be there. Any new business requires resources and this might come from outside investment. Remember, any investor will need to see that you are confident and believe in your mission. Put on a game face, pull on your existing resources. Employees need to know you GOT THIS!

NO is a mandate for Success – People say NO. It is a fact of business. Know the science behind sales and be resilient. If you want to grow your business, you must understand that a NO is an opportunity to grow. Embrace it.

Business Bank Account – Do not see this as an extension of your personal account. Growth requires resources. Each time you take out funds, you rob your business of its resources. Pay yourself a salary. Leave the rest alone.

You Can’t Do Everything – When you start a business, you are everything- bookkeeper, marketing guru, sales agent, IT specialist . Over time, you have to know this is not sustainable. You will have to bring talents individuals into your business if you want to grow it.


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