Lists Everyone Should Make and Keep Handy

Create a List

It is nothing new, making lists is a passion (and necessity) of most people. Lists require minimal effort,  they’re organized,  and transforms complicated information into easy reading. It is human psychology and our basic instinct and tendency to categorize information. Lists help us organize our lives and helps to reduce stress levels.

Here are a few ideas and lists you can get started on today:

Favorite Recipes: When you are thinking about dinner, take our your psi for inspiration.

Movies you want to see: Avoid scrolling categories and movie choices. Have the movies you want to watch at your fingertips.

Books you need to read: Instead of reading a predictable beach read, rather choose an acclaimed novel of the year.

Shopping and grocery list: Never enter the grocery store without a list (or when you hungry). Make a list of what you want and stick to it. It will help you keep within your budget and avoid buying all the unnecessary things.

Birthday and anniversary list: never forget that special day and celebration of a loved one and friends.

Restaurants and food you want to try: Keep a list a of restaurants and places you have seen but never tried or experienced.

Cities and Countries to visit: Make a bucket list of places you ave always dreamed of traveling to.

Places and landmarks: Maybe you have heard or read about a place of interest like for example Pyramids of Egypt. Keep you travel bug alive and motivated.

Local attraction: Get to know and experience your own city and neighborhood. Not will you engage with your local community but also support the local economy.

Daily to-do list: If you want to feel that you have accomplished something every day, create daily to-do list and enjoy crossing things off the list when they are done and complete. Keep these lists and boost your ego when you review what you have completed and accomplished.

Life bucket list: Create the ‘big’ of things you want to do before the final day arrives. Remember, time passes quickly which you cannot get back; and before you know it,  you will turn around and ask yourself where the time has gone and if you still have time to reach your goals and fulfill all your dreams.

Short and long-term goals: Create a list of what you want to accomplish both personally and professionally in the next year and next 5 to 10 years.

DIY and Home improvement projects: This can include things as small as organizing your photos into an album to building a tree house for your kids. No matter how big or small, there is always something to do in the home.

Passwords: Enhance your online security experience, and make a create a different password for each website you need to login to. This will also avoid the hassle of having to change all details if one website is hacked.

Appreciation list: When you are having a bad day, go back to this list and remind yourself good your life actually is.


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