How should students behave at school

Students Behavior

How should students behave at School?

We, the students, take responsibility for learning. This means:

  • We arrive at school on time.
  • We are prepared for class.
  • We demonstrate a serious and responsible attitude in daily work.
  • Homework is carefully and thoughtfully completed and on time.

We, the students, try to settle our differences in a peaceful manner. This means:

  • We respect other people‚Äôs property and personal space.
  • We do not physically or verbally fight with other children.
  • We do not take anything that does not belong to us.

We, the students, follow the directions of adults in charge. This means:

  • We look at the speaker.
  • We do not talk back to teachers or adults in charge.This includes EVERYONE.

We, the students, are sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. This means:

  • We use appropriate language at all times.
  • We do not bully or tease other children.
  • We never boo or whistle in group sessions.
  • We are willing to help each other.
  • We are friendly and courteous.

We, the students, are expected to move safely through the school. This means:

  • No playing around in the bathrooms or stairs.
  • No running in the cloakroom or up and down stairs.

School is a special place and time for all, and requires that everyone perform to the best of their capabilities at all times. These are some serious guidelines for students and if followed, students will be able to achieve and reach their goals.


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