Your LinkedIn Profile – The DO’s and SEO Optimization

2014.08.01 linkedin-tips

In today’s world, most of us have profiles at the very least on LinkedIn social media platform. It must be emphasized how important your public image is and how you send out the right message. Here is how to take full advantage of LinkedIn.

SEO (search optimization) words – The right words in your profile will ensure that you are present when the right people search this on line portal. There are more than 10 places where you can represent your skill set and experience. Be creative. Make sure that the right people are looking at your profile.

Here are a few areas where you need to use those WORDS to improve being discovered.

Your Headline – This is NOT your title at work. After your normal Headline, Use the “|” (shift the ì\î key), then place 2 phrases that describe your core competencies.

Your Summary – It is so important to place your Headline Key Words throughout this summary, this must tell who you are today!

Job Titles – Make sure that this is a commonly used title. If your one at work is off the beaten track, use 2 titles here.

Job Descriptions – Most people make the error of cut and pasting their CV here. Wrong! It is a summary of your respective roles. Also this is a great place to reuse those catch words from your headline.

Publication paragraphs – The only paragraphs here that are important are ones describing what you do today. Again use your key words.

Companies you have worked for or still are with – It is here that you tell and share about organisations that you are a member of. Again if these organisations have key words, use them.

Recommendations – When you approve a recommendation, make sure your specific key words are included, you can ask that individual to include these.

Education Descriptions – Once again use your key phrases here, make them apply to use educational qualifications

Skills – What by now you have heard is how important key words are You get to have 50 skill words here. Use them strategically here. Hopefully you will be endorsed by your network will endorse you with specific key words, it is vital to ensure success on LinkedIn.

From the above, you can see how those specific words are important to the successful use of LinkedIn. Enjoy this powerful tool and make it work for you.


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