The do’s and don’ts of Email Etiquette

Email Etiquette

Email is an integral part of our lives. It is amazing to find that in this day and age, how many individuals and companies have still not realized how important their email communications really is. So if you don’t have great email etiquette you will be in trouble.

Over the years we have used email as part of our day and lives, how many of us stop to check ourselves and see if we using it the best way we can.

Subject Line – When you write this, make it exciting if you applying for a job: “Ranked as #1 Sales Leader for 5 years running”, this will make anyone sit up and take note. Make a summary of who you are to get attention. In todays world, everyone gets huge amounts of mails daily, you have to differentiate yourself.

Email Tone – When you reply to a mail from a potential Employer, reply conservatively. Be polite and to the point. Remember people hire people and 80% of a decision is if you are a culture fit, so how you engage on this platform is critical. Be smart in this regard. You do not know what email program they are using, so do not embed logos etc. It may come out looking shocking.

Email Length – This mails purpose is to get them to read your CV, so treat it as a cover letter. Keep it short, sharp and to the point. No long winded essays, this will just be deleted.

Read Receipt – Be careful when you use this. Rather save your sent mail and follow up with a mail or call. Read receipts do suggest a level of mistrust, so be careful when using this option.

Urgent Delivery – This is a definite thing not to do! Lots of people are applying for that job. Separate yourself out by tour contents and subject line. Not by making this urgent! It is not urgent to the prospect employer and can only cause irritation. Even if you have the very best intentions.

Use these simple guidelines and you will be rewarded. Email is the first introduction to you, so make it count.


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