Guidelines to resiliency and how to take control of your life

Cultivate resiliance

In today’s fast paced and very busy world, it is important to build a resilient attitude. Your perspective and outlook of the world around you makes a huge difference.

Being responsible at work means you are in control of your personal life and do not have to rely on people around you to determine your path forward. It also frees you from the need for the approval by others of your actions. Coupled with this, is a positive outlook on life; however, always remain grounded in reality. When you choose this attitude, you understand that life has ups and downs. Having a belief system gives your life a deeper meaning and allows you to move along your life path with a purpose. This makes you feel connected to causes or values that make a difference in the world.

Handling the bumps in the road – Knowing and believing in oneself at work is important, this helps keeps ones energy high and enthusiasm happening in this regard. This is important as ensures engagement in your work life.

Maintaining Composure – This is all about being able to remain calm when the work challenges face you. It allows you to face challenges with composure and rationality.

Solving Problems – Having an ability in this regard allows one to be innovative in finding solutions, this means you can do your research, use logic and make creative decisions.

Have your personal goal – It is an age old saying, set Short, Medium and Long term goals. Write them down in a book, be specific and work hard to achieve them. Remind yourself about your goals regularly.

Communicating with people in the world around you – In the world around us, this is the one topic that is done so badly by most people. Being resilient is the ability to communicate with others in a candid and courageous way when things get tough. Conscious communicating allows you to move towards your goals consistently.

Having a Social Support System is important – Becoming resilient is achieved by learning from people around you. Have someone that you can talk to when you need guidance, get to know yourself. Find a mentor for your career, it will add value to you life and journey.

A few points to remember:

  • Developing Mindfulness
  • Attitude is altitude
  • Be grateful for all you have, acknowledge these in your life
  • Giving to someone else is energizing. Asking for help enhances resiliency.
  • Design your goals and stay focused.

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