How to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

LinkedIn Profile Features

Over the past few months, LinkedIn developers have been hard at work refining their product and launching new features. In order to stay abreast, manage, and improve your online personal branding, it is important to keep up to date of their new features. Here are 5 features to help your profile stand out.

Add a Background Image РUpload a custom background image for the header of your profile, and in turn,  clearly convey the heart and soul of your personal brand. Currently this is only available to premium customers but will soon be available to all customers.

Who has viewed your profile – This feature, one of the better features, allows you to gain valuable demographic data about those who are looking at your profile. This feature allows you to identify the keywords people are using to view your profile, how they found you, and where they come from. You will also be able ascertain their job titles, the industry they work in, and the current name of their employers.

Profile ranking РLinkedIn now provides you the opportunity to see how you rank amongst your connection based on the number of profile views. This piece of data will assist you to have a deeper understanding  about those who are generating the most interest. With this knowledge, you understand better how you compete with your connections who are your peers and competitors.

LinkedIn Connected app РThis is iPhone user only for the moment. The Connected app, simply, reduces the  workload she it comes to networking and makes your easier to stay in touch with your contacts when it comes to promotions, new jobs, work anniversaries and birthdays. With all this information at your finger tips, there is a higher probability that your profile will be viewed more often.

New Publishing Platform – The ability to publish your content on LinkedIn network is available to all members, or will be soon. Publishing on LInkedIn is no reserved for those official LInkedIn Influencer. This feature allows you create and publish your content.

Make you LinkedIn stand out today and take advantage of all these powerful personal branding tools and features.


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