How to manage your job interviews and land your dream job

How to manage your job interviews

It is so important to be conscious in your interviews, as the simplest mistakes can ensure you are not successful for that perfect role!!!

Here are some guidelines for you to assist in ensuring that your interview is a true success.

Be careful about how you portray your current company – It is important at all times to be professional. So if an interviewer asks you about your current company, do not go into the negatives of your current employee. It will reflect poorly on you, not on them. Rather steer the conversation in this direction: Talk to the reason why your would like to join the new company, and that you believe it to be a culture fit for the following reasons….

Research the company before your interview – In today’s world, it is so easy to do your research before you get to the meeting, you must know the details, read as much as you can, know the industry challenges, the trends, it is your chance to demonstrate in no uncertain terms that you are a valuable asset for their company. A suggestion: Learn about the products and formulate a plan in to demonstrate some new ideas or ask some pertinent questions.

Be aware and represent yourself with balance – The truth is that you know your career better than anyone else in the world. So you must be aware of not going over board. Ask questions about the prospective company, do not assume to know anything about the new company. You will insult your interviewer and will definitely not be called for a second interview. Try this: Ask specific questions to show your interest. Do not go over board.

Dress Appropriately – Many companies have a relaxed dress code as a culture. The rules of a new engagement in this regard is that you dress smart and classy. Dressing professionally is critical. A decision is made in the first 2 minutes of meeting a person as to their fit. Your check can be: Would my mother go to an interview in this?

Everyone is watching you as you arrive – Please know that from the moment you walk through the gate at your prospective employer, everyone is watching you and formulating their own opinion of you. Be kind, be warm, your behavior towards all the people you meet on the way into your interview, speaks volumes about you. Being abrupt and rude leaves a very bad taste. Be careful. Maybe: Write down names of people you met on the way in. Say thank you on your way out for making it a worthwhile and pleasant engagement. It will leave a lasting impression.


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