Finding a job is just like finding a Husband or Wife

Job Dating

One has to look at this differently in order to succeed. Being single is sometimes challenging, however it too can be loads of fun. This can definitely be compared to finding your perfect job. Let us show you some things that could catch the attention of your dream employer.

There must be an attraction – When you meet someone on a date or through friends, you know straight away if there is this magnetic pull between you. If this is missing, it is a definite NO. So too this attraction must exist between you and your new company. Here is a suggestion on how to get this critical step right, Be observant.When you go for that initial meeting, take stock of all the things around you and ask about them. People need to feel heard and love talking about themselves, remember the key on a date is to get this balance correct, so too in an interview.

You can be fussy – Being selective is a good thing, but do not over analyze. Also to not be too fussy. The key is to get the balance. Be selective and be open at the same time, otherwise you waste a lot of time for yourself and others.

Remember Looks are not everything – Do you remember when you were in high school, you thought the girls only liked the Rugby boys. How wrong were you? That stereo type is not appealing for all girls. The same principle applies when looking for a job. Not all companies will be right for you. Remember culture fit is 80% of your fit to a company. You are going to spend a lot of time at work, so ensure that the environment is one that you resonate with.

Work towards the next date – When you have first date, you always want to know that the other person wants to see you again and visa versa. The same applies for your job process. You  need to convince your would-be employer that you are the right person for the role. After your initial meeting send a Thank you mail. This ensures they know you have good manners, but also they have your correct contact details. Thank you notes keep your conversation alive and gives the prospect employer a chance to ask anything that they may have forgotten when they met you.

Take your time – When you are a first date you would never commit to a long term relationship there and then. There is too much you don’t know about the person sitting opposite you, so take your time engage more, see each other again. This applies in your career too.

One needs to be consider and be prepared in this process, then success will follow.


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