How to Create the Perfect Cover Letter and Resume

Research and analysis by ZipRecruiter of over 3 million resumes and cover letters has determined what constitutes the perfect 5 star resume.

According to their research, they have concluded that a good resume and cover letter consists of a number of different  and strong parts: how it describes past experience, how long it runs, what it includes, and what it leaves out. The main thing to remember, is to keep your resume and cover letter short and relevant, with a sections identifying your objective, a summary, Work history, and training.

When writing your resume resume and cover letter, take note of your written language skills and avoid using words that have negative effects on the way you are trying to present yourself. “We found that words that made the jobseeker seem like an inexperienced work-in-progress, like ‘first,’ ‘need,’ ‘hard,’ or ‘develop,’ had a very negative effect.”

Be aware of the keywords you use and how they effect the perceived resume quality. From the research, it was found that there was a strong correlation between keywords and resume quality.

It was found that approximately 24% of the resumes analyzed had a lower likelihood of getting a 5 star rating when including languages, personal interest, accomplishments, and hobbies. These were section to avoid.

Simple tips to improve your resume is to include phrases like  ‘thank you’ and try to display self confidence that you are the perfect candidate and will get the job done.

Finally, the last point is for those individuals who are new to the workforce or a particular profession and consider themselves a “work-in-progress”. Even if you do not have that much work experience, by showing confidence can overcome this.

The perfect resume



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