How to increase your personal motivation and take control of your life

How to increase your personal motivation

Over the years we have all heard people say, we can create the life you want. What you seldom see, is simple and easy steps to achieve this.

Step 1 – Get up in the morning with appreciation, write a journal. Put 5 points on paper that you are grateful for. Focus on the positive in your life.

Step 2 – Do one thing that morning that makes you smile. You are special and should do something each day that makes you happy.

Step 3 – It is so important that you acknowledge yourself for what you have done with the above 2 steps. Self acknowledgment is not something we have been taught. We have been conditioned to look outside of ourselves for affirmation. Start now. Make it a habit.You have to make this choice. It is up to you to do the work.

Step 4 – There are precious few things in life that you can control. However you are in 100% control of your attitude. Being motivated means you are in control of your life. You must control thought negative thoughts, writing in a gratitude journal will aid this.

Step 5 – Know yourself. Know your strengths and areas of development. Know what gets you out of bed in the morning, with a YES attitude. This is your driver. Be aware of it and live it to the full!

Step 6 – It is so important to have your own quiet time each day. Reflection is part of your success. Be clear on where you are headed, this is your life! Exercise self-motivation every day.

Step 7 – In life, you must be clear on your personal goals and dreams. If you have written these down and made them a priority, you will achieve them. The road may curve a little on route, but knowing your destination is critical.

Step 8 – Goals and dreams are part of your daily review in your journal. It is your personal motivation. Review these, plan these and focus on these.

Step 9 – Know what you have to do to make your goals come true. Make a plan so it can be accomplished. Write it clearly, break it down and sign it for yourself.

Step 10 – Now you need to put this plan in motion. Just do it! Do not procrastinate.

By prioritizing these steps, you are taking control of your life and you will set yourself up for a fulfilled and happy life.


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