8 Leadership Lessons in the School of Life


The beauty about life is that each day we get another chance to do things differently. Our errors from yesterday are an integral part of our success in life.

Here are a few guidelines to help you along the way, in the School of Life:

Run like there is no tomorrow

We only have the certainty of today, so make it count. Live up to your potential. Stop sweating the small and unimportant things that happen daily.  Put your blinkers on and focus straight ahead. Get it done and know you are more than capable.

Work – Life Balance

Over the years you hear in work, this is not personal BUT…Of course work is personal. To retain objectivity is the key. Learn to take your team on the journey of self discovery with you. You have a core set of values that should be aligned to the organization that you work for. Live this and lead with this. Do not negotiate it.

Look at the long term picture

When one runs a long distance, it takes planning, training, unique skills and time. One must make informed decisions for this race. This is a metaphor for your life. Take stop, know your direction, it will help you stay on course and make wise decisions in your day to day life. Great leaders look forward and know what is coming.

Identify a coach or expert on your journey

It is imperative that one has an individual that one can go too for an objective perspective and for guidance. Often this person has more experience than you and will guide you to better decisions. This person may change and that is OK. Find a mentor that you trust with your career. Approach someone you know and admire. Seek expert guidance. This must be done with respect. This is proven and it really works. Remember the only stupid question is the one not Asked!

Titles actually don’t matter

Whatever your role is know strive to operate at one level higher, leaders are identified as they go the extra mile. This means leading by great example, have a brilliant work ethic, in essence ensure that you really SHOW UP!

It is important to consciously grow your Business Network

As we go through life there are growth stages, so earlier on one has great friendships, nurture these as in the long term some of these friendships will grow into critical business alliances. Be aware of this and start surrounding yourself with top class people and will help you effectively grow your business network.

The blunders in life

You must know that we all mess up. It is how you come back from it that shows what you are truly made off. Sending a positive message after a glitch and growing yourself in self knowledge is key to becoming an accomplished leader. This will ensure you CHOOSE success over failure time and time again.

Being knocked down and getting up

You have to think long term, you have to keep getting up again and say to the world, ”Is that all you have?”  Leaders are made of tough stuff. Leaders can be grown, remember where there is will, there is always a way!


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