Things you should do at the beginning of every work day

How to start your work day

The beginning of your work day will have a considerable influence on your level of productivity all through the remainder of the day; therefore it is essential that you have a regimen that will make sure you have a successful day. Below is a set of tips and hints you need to be carrying out when you turn up for work each and every morning.

Always arrive on time – Arriving late not only leaves a bad impression but will also throw off the rest of the day.

Take a deep breath and clear your mind – Take a moment to clear your mind and remove all the stressors of home and commute into work.

Never forgo a healthy and wholesome breakfast – Breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day and will keep you physically fit and energize your mind for the rest of the day.

Begin your day with a clean slate – Even though you might have things to complete from the previous day, but try to begin each day with a fresh start.

Be aware of your mood – Pay close attention to your demeanor and mood and how it can have an effect on other around you. Even if you are not a morning person, you need to just suck it up and have a positive attitude. Remember the first and last things of the day is when your emotional intelligence has its greatest influence and impact.

Plan and organize your daily schedule – At the start of your work day you should review your priorities and pay close attention to exactly what you need to accomplish. Most people are distracted at the start of every day by unimportant tasks and things. Create a to-do list or update the one you already have.

Be awake and present – For this you that are not morning people, you is imperative that you arrive at your job awake and alert, especially if you have a leadership or supervisory role. It is crucial that you be present both mentally and physically. Take some time to connect with your co-workers and team members, make eye contact and smile. Ask what they are currently doing and if they require any assistance.

Have a short team meeting – Organise a short 10 minute informal meeting to go over the main goals of the day and discuss any critical points that will have an influence on the team. If everyone knows what the daily goals are, the chance of succeeding will increase exponentially.

Organize and arrange your personal workspace – Clearing your desk and workspace will set a tone for the rest of your day.

Take the time to remind yourself of your core purpose at work – When you understand and have  a sense of purpose, it will help to motivate you to succeed and achieve your goals.

Never be distracted by your inbox – This is probably the most difficult thing for most people. Most experts believe that you should check your email at the start of every day. When you do, only pay close attention and reply to the most urgent messages. Prioritize the importance of your email and only deal with those that have an immediate influence on your morning hours at work.

Don’t forget to listen to your voicemail – Most people arrive at work and go directly to their inbox and social networks and ignore the phone. By doing this, you might miss out on something urgent and important.

Deal with important calls and email first thing – If you know you need to contact someone or send an important message, do it first thing in the morning. If you wait too late, then there is a chance that the person will not be able to respond before the end of the work day.

Mornings are the most productive part of the day – Many experts believe that the first few hour of your day is the time when the brain function most effectively and that this time is when you are most productive, creative and effective.  Undertake high brain activities during the morning hours at work.

Take a mid-morning break – Always take a mid morning break to assess where you are and to revitalize yourself so that you can keep the momentum going for the rest of the day


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