Simple ways to improve your business writing skills

Effective Business writing skills

Given the growing popularity of email in our personal and professional lives today, we all need to pay more attention to our writing skills and have to write intelligently. To improve our communication, we need to use simple, clear and precise language techniques. Here are a few tips and advise.

Avoid using metaphors – Stop using common metaphors, similes, or common figures of speech that you read and see in daily print today.

Use simple and clear language – Make every effort to avoid the use of long words. It is far better and more effective to use simple short words. Make sure your writing techniques is simple, clear and precise.

Delete all needless words – Self police yourself and be ruthless with the words you use. If you do not need a word then simply delete.

Active is better than passive – Rather use active verbs instead of using passive verbs. Active verbs are far better and energize your writing.

Use proper English – Stay clear of using jargon, foreign phrases, or scientific words when you can simply use and everyday english word instead. Jargon is a sign of lazy writing and it distorts the message you are trying to express. Never try to show off and use foreign language words.

Curb your enthusiasm – Never overuse exclamation points and always be professional when signing off. Instead of signing off with ‘xoxo’ rather use regards for example.

 Match your subject to your pronoun and verb – This might seem an obvious statements but you will be surprised how often individuals get this wrong. Remember the number of the subject should determine the number of the verb.

Be aware of the number of adverbs you use – Make use of strong and simple verbs instead of weak verbs and adverbs.

Know how to use the word “that” and “which” – “That” is generally used when introducing essential information and referred to a ‘restrictive clause. “Which” should be used when attempting to introduce extra information in a nonrestrictive clause.


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