Discipline a dirty word – How to get children on your side

parenting and discipline


There are as many philosophies about how to discipline a child as there are parents. However, it is always important to match the disciplinary approach to the child’s age. Children will respond to certain methods more readily at certain developmental stages than at others. Here are a potpourri of ideas to get children of all ages on your side.

  • Spend time chatting with the Child after class
  • Ask the Child about life outside school.
  • Eat snack with your Child occasionally.
  • Invite the Child to share a snack with you.
  • Attend school event.
  • Get involved in a community project with your the Child.
  • Schedule individual conferences to let the Child know about their progress.
  • Chaperone school events.
  • Send cards, messages, and homework to absent the Child.
  • Express real interest in the Child’ work or hobbies.
  • Share your interests with your Child.



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