What do successful people do on the weekend

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Do you ever wonder what successful people do on weekends in order to achieve and maintain their success?  Most will use their weekends to unplug from the day-to-day commitments and use the time to take a step back and take a broader look at their company and industry. Weekends are a great chance to reflect and be more introspective about bigger issues. Weekends can be a secret weapon in professional success. To succeed you need to rejuvenate your mind and body and be able to start the new week full of energy and ready to go. So what exactly are “successful people” doing on weekends?

Here are a few things successful people do on weekends:

Make time for family and friends. For those individuals who do not have much time during the week, weekends are a good time to catch up with friends and spend quality time with family. Especially those of you with children, remember you cannot make for lost time.

Exercise. We all know that to maintain a healthily body and mind we need to exercise. For those that cannot workout during the workweek, it is important to use the weekend and downtime to to make up for lost exercise time. Exercise is the perfect tool to clear your mind and think about fresh ideas.

Pursue a passion. In order to succeed, you need balance work and play. Following a passion or hobby can assist you to unwind from the day job and add to your life balance.

Gardening/crafts/games/sports/cooking/cultural activities. This is especially important for those cooped up in an office all week. For example, gardening is the perfect thing to do and can also involve the whole family.

Take a weekend vacation. One of the best ways to detach from your high pressured job and work commitments is to get away for a weekend.

Disconnect. Most successful people will try to avoid checking their email messages for a period of time. This is not to say avoiding to check your messages at all. For example, taking a walk without your phone can provide your with a liberating feeling. Take a ‘tech Sabbath’.

Volunteer. Volunteering can you break away from all the stressors of your job and work commitments and provide you will a sense of personal fulfillments. Helping out at a fund raising event, for example, not only helps a specific cause but also allows you network with people with similar interests and brands you as a philanthropist.

Avoid chores. We all know that weekends are a good to complete those to-dos that we could not get around to during the week or have been avoiding, however, try demarcate a specific time to complete all your chores and errands.

Plan. Take time to think about the week, month or year ahead and make a plan. By planning will help you to be more effective and productive. Getting swamped and bogged down by short lists will not allow you to accomplish and see the the big picture.

Socialize. Humans are social creatures and research has clearly shown that socializing adds to one’s happiness. Spend time with your family and friends , or get involved in the local community. Giving back to your community or industry will also give you a sense of satisfaction.

Network. Networking is a job requirements rather a lifestyle of successful people. Whatever you do or go, try to network and connect with people.

Reflect. Take the time to appreciate what you have and reflect on your life, happiness, and accomplishments. Weekends are the perfect time to reflect and be more introspective about the bigger issues of work and life.

Recharge. We live in a highly stressful and competitive world, and optimum performance requires that we take control and manage our downtime in order to recharge our mind and body. If you can master this then you are on the road to success.



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