How to use LinkedIn Apps and maximize its value and stay ahead

LinkedIn social network


LinkedIn social network has grown and developed into an incredible resource for building your professional identity online and is no longer just a platform to market your skills and resume when searching for employment.

Many people might not be aware that LinkedIn has a number of different app to assist individuals who care about their professional network. LinkedIn app allows you to stay abreast of industry news, help you prep for meeting, or add connections on the fly.

Here are a few, of the many tools, you can use to optimize the true value of this app.


Link your calendar to app and find out about someone before entering an interview

You can sync your phone’s calendar with the app, and the app will provide you with the profile of anyone who you have penciled in on your calendar providing you with useful information about the person you are about to interview with.


The app allows you to follow specific companies

Once you follow a specific company, LinkedIn will show the the company profile so that you can view any new updates and browse the company profile and see if there are any new job posting.


LinkedIn now allows you to apply for jobs directly from the app.

The linked app now allows you to view a list of employments positions via the ‘Jobs” section of the app which are tailored to your personal customized data on your profile. If you find something that you are interested in, then all you need to do is submit your profile. Browsing the job listings can save you a lot of time.


Make use of your news streams to build and grow your personal brand and strengthen your connections.  

The news stream allows you to scroll through and view any new updates from your connections and view content being shared by companies and individuals, as well as view any updates and news about new jobs of your connections. You can also interact and add to the conversation when you have something to say. ‘Like” a comment and nurture your network.


Never overdo your comments.

Never follow the strategy whereby you just say something for the sake of it. When you make a comment, this will reflect upon you and your expertise / insight into a specific area. Remember that LinkedIn is social but a professional network. It is not Facebook. Check your grammar and sentence structure and avoid slang.


Upload any professional photos on the go.

You can now upload images via the app. I don’t have to warn you not to post any pics of wild office parties. Research has shown that comments with images are more likely to get comments and ‘likes’. Upload images from live conferences or networking events for example.


To view a personalized selection of articles and news about topics related to your industry then use the Pulse tab.

Via the Pulse tab, the app will recommend that you follow specific categories related to the industry you work in. You can also browse and read articles from a variety of publishers and LinkedIn influencers.


By sharing articles and content on your network you can become a resource for others on your network.

You can share articles on your own LinkedIn profile as well as other social networks like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter with just a few taps. By posting articles and developing a reputation as a thought-leader will help you to build upon your network and help you when it comes your next job interview.




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