5 Ways parents fail when it comes to their children’s education – Part 5

Parent Child involvement education

1. Think of yourself as the main parent involvement person at your school.

School Survey Results:

Can you give me the names of any people you know who work at your school?

  • School Secretary
  • Janitor/groundsman/caretaker
  • Lunch Supervisor/Bus Driver
  • A Veteran Teacher
  • A Music/art/specialist Teacher
  • Coach
  • The Principal


2. Think of parent involvement as something that only happens when parents are in your school building.

By Far, the Most Important Involvement Happens at Home!

  • Reading to children.
  • Being seen reading.
  • Setting an example (for better or worse).
  • Showing interest in school work.
  • And MUCH more!


3. Try to build positive attitudes among parents by just using newsletters, memos, newspaper articles, TV, other mass media.

Mass Media is Best for Providing Information.

All mass media—radio, TV, signs, bumper stickers—can do is reinforce attitudes that already exist! Use Face-to-Face Contact for Creating and Changing Attitudes:

  • Conferences.
  • Workshops.
  • Home Visits.
  • Class Visits.
  • Open House.
  • Even Phone Calls.


4. Keep on thinking that children from ‘broken’ or ‘disadvantaged’ homes do not have the  benefit of parent involvement.

The ‘Extended Family’ these children often have is amazing.

  • Mother/Father,
  • Grandparents,
  • Neighbours,
  • Sisters, Aunts, Uncles,
  • Friends.

We Need to Enlist Their Support! Children often have many people who can and will help if we will invite them to get involved—and help them know what to do.


5. Write parents off as apathetic & uninterested after you repeatedly provide programmes for them and invite them to come to school, but they don’t show up! The Vast Majority of parents want to help their children.

We need to:

  • Walk a Mile’ in their shoes.
  • Respect what they now do to help their children.
  • Issue ‘genuine invitations.

In conclusion, getting parents involved in their children’s education is not just a ‘nice idea’ we can’t DO OUR JOB without parents’ help!

We know how to make parent involvement work:

  • In ANY school . . .
  • With very LITTLE MONEY . . .

The fact is . . . A New Day is Dawning! It is the day of parent involvement. It will help every child, in every school, everywhere . . . and we are exactly the ones who can make it happen!



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