The Worst Jobs For 2014

Best and Worst jobs

CareerCast, a global job-search portal, has released their list of the worst jobs for 2014. CareerCast offers career advise and information about salaries offered by different companies in different industries. To arrive at its conclusions, its researchers utilize a method which takes into consideration income and growth potential within an industry, together with a variety of guidelines such as the level of competitiveness plus the degree of public contact, physical expectations such as crawling, stooping and bending in addition to work conditions like toxic fumes and noise. Furthermore, they examine stressors such as level of travel required by the job, deadlines, in addition to physical risks including whether or not the workers’ or their colleagues’ life is put at risk on the job. Read on for the list of “worst” jobs, which get the lowest rating. Here is the list of the worst jobs for 2014.

1. Lumberjack
2. Newspaper Reporter
3. Enlisted Military Personnel
4. Taxi Driver
5. Broadcaster
6. Head Cook
7. Flight Attendant
8. Garbage Collector
9. Firefighter
10. Corrections Officer




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