Parents as Full Education Partners – Part 1

Parents and Education


With Education in the crisis it is today in South Africa, we need to go back to basics and look at the importance of family involvement. This will be a series of articles that deals with this. Would it not be wonderful if all parents and children could achieve outstanding results in life merely by committing time to care and be involved! Let’s have a look at the some of the benefits that science has proved already……

Effectively engaging parents and families in the education of their children has the potential to be far more transformational than any other type of educational reform.

When it comes to parent involvement and its powerful influence, it is clear that the more extensive the parent involvement, the higher the pupil achievement. Where parents are involved, pupils achieve more, regardless of socio-economic status or ethnic/racial background. The challenge comes in transforming knowledge into practice and practice into results. This is what we can intending to share in this regard.

Pupils benefit in the following ways:

• Higher grades and test scores
• Better attendance and more homework done
• Fewer placements in special education
• More positive attitudes and behaviour
• Higher graduation rates
• Greater enrolment in postsecondary education

Parents Benefit in the following ways:

• More confidence in the school
• Teachers have higher opinions of parents and higher expectations of their children
• Parents have greater confidence in themselves as parents and in their ability to help their children learn at home
• Greater likelihood that the parents will enrol in continuing education to advance their own education

Benefits for schools and communities

• Improved teacher morale
• Higher ratings of teachers by parents
• Higher pupil achievement
• Better reputation in the community

The big question comes in, how do we achieve this in the lifestyle that we have all created around us?




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