How to stay upbeat about work and your career

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So, as each of you are aware we spend more time at work than with our family. So it is critical that we enjoy what we do and have a healthy work life. Often this is about our individual attitudes, rather than what is actually going on at work.

Let’s take a moment and commit to a few things to do daily that we fill our personal fuel tank with.

1. Manage your time in small blocks and use this break wisely.

Every day has 8 hours in it the most people are in their work environment, one can’t work flat-out. So every hour, get up, walk around, go for a glass of water, connect with a colleague, refresh your brain, this allows you to engage in and around the office. Ït allows you to refocus your eyes, a moment away from a task, often gives you perspective on the next step you need to take too. The key is to stay disciplined and stick to the 10 minute break only.

2. Your to do list

Every day we all wake up with a long list of things that need doing, personally and professionally. Manage this. Write them down in order of importance. Make sure that in the first hour of your day, your do the ones that are your least favourite ones. Get that stuff done, then during the day you will feel energised to get the others done, this will be an energising space instead of a burden. At the end of the day you can then acknowledge yourself and see that you have achieved what you set out to.

3. Read an interesting piece of writing once a day

Learning about other topics is what makes life and oneself interested and interesting. Passion always creates high energy. So read about what you like and engage in it, even if it has nothing to do with your current work space. What this does is fill your cup up and will drive a positive attitude to other task that you do. Always focus on the positive and Not the negative.

4. Eat Healthy

The age-old saying that a healthy body is a healthy mind is so true. Own this. Put little snacks on your desk that is good for you. Share these in the office; create the conversations in this regard. Remember you are doing lots of small things that in essence FILL up your personal attitude cup.

5. Make your desk space an organised and healthy one

Let us assure you, when one has a tidy desk, life feels far more in control. Spend half an hour sorting out this space. De-clutter this space, place a picture of your family on it to remind you why you are there, have an inbox and outbox. Use a note pad to track your action items. A tidy environment truly helps with a tidy, focussed and well organised mind.

These are just a few pointers to start with. Remember it is baby steps in this regard, commit to the above 5 daily and soon you will find that ATTITUDE IS ALTITUDE!


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