What you can do during a slow day at work

Downtime at work


Have you ever experienced one of those days when you are bored at work? Downtime is a rare occurrence in the workplace, however most probably you will only have one of those slow days every once in a while. Sadly most employees don’t know how to maximize their downtime because slow days don’t come around that often. In most cases, employees shift into “low gear” and undertake menial tasks like clean their desks, complete personal tasks, or surf the internet. During slow times at work you should take the opportunity to make the most of your time.

Here are a few things that you can do on a slow boring day at work…

Look at your schedule and plan for tomorrow. Take the time to look ahead and plan for the upcoming days and weeks ahead. Take the time to complete all your personal work tasks that you have been leaving for a rainy day. Look at your to do list and try complete some of them.  Take the time to get ahead and make a dent into longer term, back burner projects.

Network with colleagues. Keep abreast of industry trends and remain visible among fellow professionals by networking with your colleagues. Networking will enhance your visibility in your industry and improve your reputation. Contact former colleagues with whom you have lost contact with. You might learn about some new tricks of the trade, find new vendors, or find out about new leads to new hires.

Get your paperwork in order and organized. Slow days in the workplace is the perfect time to catch up on paperwork and answer all those messages in your Inbox that you never get around too. Organizing and getting your paperwork and information monster in order will make you feel good and up to date.

Review and evaluate your career goals. Take the time to evaluate both your professional and personal goals and intentions for the short, medium and log term. This is crucial for your future growth and prosperity. Consider your current goals and intentions and perhaps think about updating these goals.

Make a list of your work accomplishments. Most employees never take the time to track their work accomplishments. A slow day at work is the perfect opportunity to look at what you have done and accomplished. This list could come in handy when a new position opens up in your company or if you are up for a promotion.

Continue with your education and training. During any downtime at work, take the time to catch up and read all those magazine articles that you have been meaning to read. Watch a webinar, read some blog articles or interact with other professionals in an online forum.

Arrange some time to meet with your boss. Take the time to reflect on projects sitting on your desk, evaluate your goals and objectives, and catch your breath during any downtime at work. Arrange some time to meet with your boss in person or write a report conveying your achievements and future steps you want take.

Socialize with team members. Downtime at work is a good time to interact with fellow team members or even your boss. Go out for lunch with your team or even your boss and discuss the bigger picture, the department’s or company mission, or simply take the time to bond with your team members.

Get some exercise. Take the time to go for a walk, run, or go to the gym and clear your mind.

Volunteer and assist a team member. Take the time to help a fellow team who might be lagging behind with his or her work. This will allow you helps those who are not having a slow day and are swamped with work. You might also pick up some new skills which might help with your personal career advancement or just be some time to have some fun, not to mention helping a colleague.


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