What should you do if you don’t hear back after a job interview

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You have just walked out of a coveted job interview and cannot decide if you aced it or it was a disaster. Irrespective, you send a thank you note and for the next 7 days you are checking your email inbox every other hour for some sort of a response. If you are a job candidate and experienced this, here are a few tips and things that you can do.

Don’t wait, take the initiative – Don’t just sit back and do nothing. Take the bulls by the horns and do something and follow-up on your job interview..

Be prepared and make a plan – Sometimes it is a catch 22. If you call and email too much you are looked at as an annoying and desperate candidate; if you don’t call and follow-up enough then you are considered as a candidate who is disrespectful and don’t show any interest. Formulate a schedule with your follow-up attempts and stick to your plan. Limit the number of times to call or email over a specific time period. If you receive feedback, all well and good; if you don’t, then just suck it up and move on.

Always be pleasant and gracious – Never forget to be respectful and gracious in your follow up calls and email conversations. The company could still interviewing other candidates and have not reached a final decision. Perhaps you interviewed for a specific position, however the company might feel that you offer more potential in another position within the company and plan to contact when that position becomes available.

Look at your social networking connections – Browse through your Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook connection to see if a former friend or colleague is working at the company and try to solicit an endorsement from them or at least try find out about the status of the hiring process.

Evaluate your responses before your next move – If you feel that you had a warm and friendly reception, then feel free to feel that you can further engage with the company. However, if you feel that the reception was slightly chilly and distant, then suck it up and don’t waste your time trying to follow-up. More often than not, no answer is an answer.

Follow your little voice and gut but remain realistic –  We all know that rejection can be a very traumatic and can lead to physical pain and out minds are equipped with powerful mechanisms to rationalize and nullify the effect. In most cases, your gut feel is the correct answer.

Never forget to keep the employer up to date – Be sure to remind the employer of your status in your follow-up calls and emails. Rather than calling and expecting an immediate answer, it is better to offer employer related information that facilitates the process and continue to remind the employer that you are still interested in the position without sounding too desperate and self-serving.

Never take it personally – It could be that the company has altered the position in relation to responsibility, time frame, or perhaps totally eliminated the position. Companies never want to make these type of changes public and prefer to say nothing. Stay confident in yourself and in the skills you have.

Let the waiting time offer you a better insight into the company – It is true that the post job interview process does not necessarily reflect the true culture of the company, but it could give you a better understanding of the corporate culture. You will want to remember this if don’t hear back for the company immediately but sometime in the future.

Source: Forbes.com


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