Annual National Assessment results expected to be released tomorrow

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South Africa awaits with abated breathe for the release of the 2013 Annual National Assessment (ANA) results and judge just how well learners are doing when it comes to numeracy and literacy. Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga is expected to release the results tomorrow.

The main objective of the ANA testing process is to test the progress of learners around the country and their achievements in numeracy and literacy.

The ANA testing forms the backbone of the department of education’s Action Plan 2014: Towards the Realisation of Schooling 2025.

During this years annual testing process, more than 7 million learners from grades 1-6 and 9 took the tests. Given the fact that literacy and numeracy are the universally accepted key skills for successful learning, the ANA tests focus on these critical skills.

The ANA tests are not utilized in any way to assess a learners progression or promotion status. The main idea behind the ANA tests is to obtain a better insight into the learners current achievements in literacy and nunnery and whether or not they need additional help in class or not.

The ANA tests help teachers and educators understand their students better and whether or not their students measure up to expectations. The ANA test results enables teachers and educators to adapt and change their lesson plans to better fit their classes. The results are also used by district officials to improve or adapt school improvement plans and offer the appropriate support to schools that they identify in need of help.

Not only are learners waiting to see how they did on the tests, so is the Department of Basic Education and Minister Angie Motshekga. Not only do the ANA tests give an idea of how our learners are doing in literacy and numeracy, it also provides information about the progress of the Ministry of Education and their programmes to improve the country’s education.

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