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Want to win over your boss and be viewed as management or senior management material. In order to achieve career advancement and goals, you need to win over your boss. Whether you’ve just started a new job or you’ve been there for years, earning your boss’ respect is vital.


Do your job, do it well, and have a great work ethic

The number one, and most important, thing that will impress your boss and leave a good impression is if you do job, do it well and have a great work ethic. The most common problem with employees today is that they fail to complete the most basic task that are assigned to them. If you want to impress your boss and be noticed, you need to complete your work diligently and make sure you do a good job. Those individuals who consistently do good work, are efficient and professional are easy to manage, and free up time for managers to focus on the more critical tasks at hand. If your boss has confidence in you and trusts that you will get the job done, then he or she can focus more on their management tasks and duties.


Positive interaction with colleagues is vital

If you can demonstrate that you can socialize and work with others in your team, office, department and company will earn you the required respect from your boss and leave lasting impression. Don’t just focus on your personal responsibilities. Take the initiative and take on extra tasks and assist your teammates and colleagues to complete their tasks.


Understand your boss’s management style and requirements

When you start a new job or a new manager is appointed, it is advisable to sit down with your boss and have a a conversation about how your boss wants things to be done and how to communicate. Does your boss prefer to communicate via phone, email or face to face. Ask how often your boss wants to be updated and how detailed these updates need to be. In order to create a strong relationship with your boss, you need  to develop and build an open communication channel.


Take on additional responsibilities and praise others

Arrive early, stay late, and make sure you meet your deadlines. Seeing a job through to the end will demonstrate that you are responsible, professional and dedicated to your job and company. Also never forget to praise other when it is due. Positive feedback will always encourage others do more and make them feel appreciated. Complementing others when when it is due will earn the respect from your coworkers and will be appreciated by your boss.


Understand and support your boss’s professional goals

The primary and most critical task of any employee is to try make your boss’s life easier. Understand and get to know the goals and objectives of your boss, and do everything you can to assist your boss to achieves these goals.


Be a loyal and honest employee

Be a loyal and honest employee and avoid office gossip and bad mouthing your boss. A dedicated and loyal employee will always earn the respect of your boss. Never talk about your boss with others in the office or at social events. And never go behind your boss’s back when you have an issue. If you have a problem or issue, confront your boss directly and hash out the issue. Show your respect and loyalty and remember to keep these conversation to yourself. A lack of trust and loyalty can very easily damage your relationship with your boss and, in turn, damage your career.


Your boss’s goals, objectives, and priorities are also yours

Any employees main task and function is to meet and satisfy your boss’s priorities in the way that he or she wants them to be done. Remember It is always a team effort and your boss is the lead person. Make sure that your boss’s top priorities are your top priorities. Make sure to talk and communicate with your boss to make sure that all goals and priorities are in sync.


Risk and volunteer to take on projects

Take the initiative and volunteer to take on new projects as you get more confident in your job but never take on too much and overloads your workload and land up in the situation that you cannot meet your deadlines. if you take on extra projects make sure you have enough time and energy to complete everything. Take on additional project or tasks that you are confident you can start and complete that do not require too much supervision from your boss. Taking on additional projects, assignments and tasks will demonstrate your capabilities and ability to manage your time efficiently.


Find solutions to problem independently

If a problem arises try to find a solution without relying on your boss to solve and fix the problem. Take the initiative to find solutions to problems not just point them out. it is okay speak out about a problem or issue, but offer suggestion to solve the issue at the same time. Don’t be the person who always complains about things in the office. No one likes a negative person. Negativity in the office lowers morale and hampers productivity. Spot the issue, come up with solutions, and solve the problem; leaving your boss to continue with his or her task and confidence and knowledge that any adversity in the office will be taken care of without the boss’s intervention.


Stand up for your beliefs and ideas

Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in, but do this with respect and in a proper manner. Challenging your boss is a professional and respectful way will demonstrate your self-confidence in your personal abilities and knowledge in your job.


Take an interest in your boss passions

Make a point of finding out about your boss’s personal passions or hobby and take an interest in the activity. For example, if your boss enjoys golf make sure to watch the tournament over the weekend so that you can discuss and talk about the best golfers or perhaps join your boss for a round of golf. Or find out what your boss is reading and go out and buy the book so that you can talk about the main points and ideas. Showing an interest in your boss’s passions and hobbies will definitely be appreciated and may get you some one-on-one time with your boss to show off your skills, expertise and competencies.


Show your long term commitment and loyalty to your company

It is rare that young employees will remain in the same company for life, it cannot hurt to think and act in the long term interest of the company. Taking an interest in the mission and long term goals of the the company will show loyalty and professionalism. Find out about the company’s key customers and products of the company and find out ways to support and achieve company growth. Align your personal career development and goals with the mission and goals of the company. Doing this will demonstrate your value to the company which, in turn, can lead to you being noticed by your boss and end up in a promotion.


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