How to accelerate your progress up the corporate ladder

Climb the corporate ladder


There is no blueprint to climb up the corporate ladder, however if you want to accelerate your progress up the corporate ladder and achieve your career goals and objectives, here are few tips and advise to hasten the journey.


Network – Make use of any and all your connections, family and friends to get the best possible job in the corporate world. The more people you know and the more people that like you, the better it will be for you.


Make a plan – Take the time to think about where you will in 5 years and create a plan and road map to achieve your goals. In order to succeed you need to have a long term career plan with clear goals and objectives. This plan must include the steps required to achieve your career goals.


Get an education – Be sure to get the best possible education you early in your career. there is no replacement for a good education.


Keep a record of your success stories  – Keep detailed records of all you achievements, in particular those that align with the company’s mission and objectives. Make sure your boss and others in influential positions become aware of your successes. This will show that you are a good leader and devoted o the company’s success beyond your own tasks and responsibilities.


Be a team player – Management always look at how employees work within their own teams and departments, as well how they  interact with other departments within the company. Individuals who can work within a team and have the ability to influence others is increasingly becoming a critical skill to advance up the corporate ladder.


Do whatever it takes to get the job done – Both your work attitude and aptitude are critical. Work hard and show off your can do attitude in order to be recognized and appreciated by the boss.


Continue with your education – Never stop learning and upgrading your current skills and knowledge to grow your status and credibility in your field of choice. Read, study, follow industry leaders via social media, and attend and network at industry conferences.


Work hard, work long, work smart – Nothing can paint a better picture than hard work. Be prepared to do more than your fellow employees, work harder and longer hours. Take on high visibility projects and treat everything with urgency. Work hard, work smart and get to be known as the go to person and the person who will get things done. Arrive first and be the last to leave.


Look further than your job description – Don’t limit yourself to your job description and contract terms. Perform your contractual and job responsibilities, and look further than your obvious and expected achievements.


Be a leader and take the initiative – Most individuals in companies are executors and follow instructions. It is those individuals who take the initiative and undertake tasks that are not asked of them who climb the corporate ladder a whole lot faster.


Understand your company’s mission and goals including your boss – Align your efforts with the goals and objectives of the company, make sure you understand your boss’s priorities and values. Once you understand your boss’s personal goals, do everything you can to assist to achieve these goals.


Understand and be aware of the broader company goals and objectives – Make sure you know which projects are being funded and exactly who is responsible and in charge of these projects. Align yourself with the more important projects and people to gain more attention. this will give you the opportunity to show off your expertise and create a good impression amongst the company’s most influential people.


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